Dr. Astrīda Tirāne private practice

Our gynecological clinic specializes in:

  1. Gynecological endocrinology- diseases related to female hormone system.
  2. Medical management of infertility, treatment and management of habitual miscarriage and spontaneous abortions.
  3. Observation of pregnancy with regular hormonal analysis and sonography control. Genetic screening is carried out by the expert that has a European certificate FMF.
  4. Individualy selected hormonal replacement therapy and solutions of menopausal problems.
  5. Early detecting of cervical pre-cancerous leasions and cancer by using colposcopy and biopsy.
  6. Endocrinologist Dr.Med. Konrāde diagnoses and treats endocrine system diseases such as diabetes, hypo and hyperthyroidism, obesity and metabolic problems and other.
  7. Immunologist Dr.Med. Mihailova diagnoses, treats and prevents immune system disorders such as Antifosfolipid syndrome, allergies and other autoimune diseases.

Colposcope, the newest ultrasound diagnostic equipment with Doppler tests, tubal patency tests with contrast foam allows us to diagnose most of gynecological pathologies and infertility reasons.

We are cooperating with the major laboratories to provide the most precise hormonal analysis and genetical tests.